Our Services:

Xecutive Consulting International does not maintain a large database of resumes and does not rely on resume services available on the internet. Instead we rely on our extensive network of bilingual automotive professionals to identify the best candidates for our clients. Most of the professionals and executives we place have a background in Program Management, Account Managment or Engineering with 10 or more years experience and speak Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Spanish.

Recruitment services we provide include:

  • Function as a member of your staffing team
  • Identify specialists with the specific qualifications you are looking for
  • Conduct first interview with the candidate to determine if they are qualified
  • Determine level of interestand salary requirements
  • Sell the position to the candidate
  • Negotiate with the candidate to get an acceptance of the package while maintaining candidate's enthusiasm
  • Check references upon request
  • Assist with administration of the relocation package if required
Talent Acquisition Management services include:

  • Participation in companies strategic planning for future talent needs to accommodate expansition and or attrition.
  • Develop and/or facilitate company branding throughout the Talent Acquisition process.
  • Identify and target candidates to establish a pipeline of talent for company short and long term talent acquisition.
  • In coordination with company, manage the full life cyle of the candidate to include:
    • Recruitment which will result in the idenification of the top 1-3 qualified and interested candidates
    • Interviewing strategies, logistics management of interviews, and participation in the interview process
    • Cooborate with company reqarding terms of offer, extention of offer, offer negotiations, and acceptance of offer
    • Pre-employment onboarding management
    • Assist candidate with relocation resources and logistics of move
    • Develop or work in conjucation with HR team a candidate specific orientation plan and itinerary
    • Establish a retention plan and partner with company for execution of retention plan

Disclaimer: We operate under adherence to U.S. Labor Laws pertaining to Minimum Wage, Hiring Practices, Discrimination and Equal Opportunity.